Catanduva: The Great and Final Transfer

So I was transferred. I knew I would be. I didn't believe it anymore because the Assistants didn't call that Saturday or Sunday. But then they called halfway through P-day on Monday. Elder Hardy must have been surprised when I didn't freak out on him, but it was only because I already knew I was leaving.

I've been in Catanduva with Sister Prates for about 3 weeks. I would love to hit my stride and get things going here, but by the time that happens I'll be going home. Pois é. In the meantime, we have Wandylla, who is incredible. She'll be baptized for sure. Here's to hoping for a happy ending, right?

  • After taking a ghetto bath out of a bucket, I discovered my toothbrush was full of ants. Sometimes you just have to give up, go to bed, and try again tomorrow.
  • In the United States, you go to the Police when there's a problem. In Brazil, you run AWAY from them--especially during toque de recolher.
  • The weekend your house decides to flood will of course be the weekend that President is in Salt Lake with the Prophet. Otherwise, how else would you learn what to do in a flood?
  • If you see anything in São Paulo with PCC spray painted on it, stay away from it. If you do happen to knock on a door with that painted on it, don't panic. They'll probably just laugh at you. But seriously. Don't do it again. And if God tells you to lie to them, YOU LIE.
  • There is a right way and a wrong way to take a shower out of a bucket.
  • Matthew 12: 36
  • When changing out a broken faucet, halfway through the process--when your companion is plugging the running water with her thumb--is not the time to realize you have no idea how to change a faucet.
  • Basically, I have no luck with water.
  • I can now check "Dancing to Thriller in a foreign country" off my bucket list.
  • "Hey Elder! You're just jealous because in three weeks I can listen to this music!" and "I have less days left on my mission than years of life!" are things I've waited my whole mission to say.
  • The trouble is, I don't really mean them. I just don't want anyone to see how badly I'm going to miss every moment I spent here.

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