Life is Good

I just took my first college midterm. You know a good midterm by whether or not you leave with more questions than you answered. Mine mostly involve whether or not "creative answers" will merit any extra credit. So far, I've never been that lucky, but who knows. Maybe this time it'll actually work.

Unlike Socrates, I cannot admit ignorance when I don't know something. I usually just try to make something up. Which is why I could never be a doctor, or a diplomat, or a nuclear engineer. No... I'm pretty much stuck being a writer. Upon my entrance at college, I see now that I'm not very well suited for anything else.

And for some reason, I have neglected to share these until now: Just about everything for our classes is on an online database called Blackboard. This includes the capability to e-mail all of the students in any of your given classes asking them questions like, "What did I miss in class on Friday?" or "Where are the lab groups meeting tomorrow?" But you also get a lot of junk from TA's canceling their office hours and making random announcements to the class. This is one such e-mail from a TA for our Book of Mormon class:

"In order to help stay as orginized as possible and to more readily help each of you, please include which course you are enrolled in with any email. This can be done by giving the course number or the day and time that we meet. Thank you for your help."

It was followed soon after by this message that I have no problem believing came directly from our professor, as busy as he is:

"An email sent previously by a religion T.A. contained a typographical error in the spelling of 'organized.' We apologize for the error."

Life is good :)

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