Let them eat cake!

I am so tired of my faith community siding with crazy people who think there's something inherently wrong with gay people eating cake.


I love my faith. I love my religion for all the ways it has been inclusive and loving to me. That has been my experience. And I'm tired of seeing people I love in this losing power struggle that does nothing but hurt innocent people.

Making life harder for LGBTQ+ people doesn't benefit us in any way. I'm tired of being asked by my faith community to support this "struggle."

The answer is no. We have thousands of desperate, ailing people we could be helping. Men, women, and children have been displaced. We have people to serve, temples to build, people to love and hurts to heal. We don't have time for this garbage.

Religious people, we need to come off it. No one is asking us to perform wedding ceremonies for LGBTQ+ couples. How can there be a violation of conscience in baking a cake? Are we truly going to die on this hill? Is this how we want to be known? The last time I checked, it wasn't against my religion for someone else to eat. Why are we even involved in this? This case has nothing to do with us. Why are we taking sides? Why are we making our business? Who are we so afraid of?

This fever pitch squeal that someone is coming to take our rights to worship away, who are we so afraid of? Because if anyone threatens or rights to worship, it will be because we behaved horribly to the disadvantaged. It's not because we're Mormon. It's because we stand beside truly despicable people whose arguments don't make any logical or legal sense. 

I'm tired of it. I know my LGBTQ+ friends are tired of it. I wish my leaders would get tired of it.

In my heart of hearts, that's how I feel.

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