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Despite the best efforts of this semester and all it has entailed, I'm still alive and well--thanks for asking.

Part of what has kept me from updating is the fact that my life has been so full of changes that touch on so many different aspects of the gospel, I haven't known exactly where to start. So allow me to catch you up via one of my favorite written conventions: the bullet point.

  • Redecorating is fun
  • The secret to good cooking is desperation. I can imagine no other set of circumstances that would bring me to the realization that scrambled eggs cooked with Italian dressing are that delicious :)
  • Crock pots are evidence to me that men are that they might have joy. If you're looking for a good recipe, I recommend Apple Chicken stew.
  • Homemaking is not a dirty word in my vocabulary anymore. Thank you President Beck. I can't be a mother that knows just yet, but I'm working on it.
  • Google Wave is AMAZING for storing documents for family history work. More to follow on this one, most likely. (If you want an invite, I have a few left)
  • Meeting apostles is an incredible experience. I've met two in the past three months, and they're just as nice as can be. 
  • The best kept secret of the gospel is the Priesthood. Remember that. I have a hunch there's going to be a test later.
  • Being drawn to particular avenues of church service has funny ways of revealing where you're headed without your realizing it. I set a goal of indexing 5000 names and I get a new calling to the Family History and Temple Council. (That goal is coming along rather slowly, but I see that getting better soon.)
  • Family history work is addictive, but thankfully doesn't require a meeting with the bishop. I'd have been excommunicated at least 3 times by now. I can't help it if my family history is more interesting than my homework--no more than I can help the inbreeding that makes it so.
  • Sleep is for the tired. Anyone who thinks it's for the weak hasn't missed enough classes.
  • Always pay your tithing, even when your bills are more than you paycheck. I've done this about 4 times already in the past 6 months, and I don't regret a thing.
  • Talking on a cell phone and riding a bike is not for everyone. And by everyone, I mean me.
  • I've added "kicking my bedroom door in because I locked myself out" to the list of Things that Shouldn't Happen
  • Home Depot is a fun store until you get kicked out.
  • The Subway where I work may be the reason I lose my job in the next few days, but that didn't stop me from eating there yesterday.
  • They make medicine for people who can't sleep at night. If you don't take any, but you still can't sleep, there's always Facebook.
  • Turning in lost bank cards is surprisingly enjoyable. I've done this twice in the last month. Zions Bank actually let's you pass along messages to the person in case you want to give them your personal information in hopes of getting a thank you/ reward. I sent along the message to "pay it forward," hoping they get the message, if not the pun 
Life goes fast, and the time you have with the people that mean the most to you always seems to be much too short. Fortunately, someone much bigger than me believes in forever. That's the kind of love I want, and it's worth everything I'm going through to keep it. I'm not sure I always understand the connection between all the things I'm learning, even once I put them in a bullet list--but I'm sure there's some sense to it somehow. Here's to hoping. :)

I know the Lord lives. I know He loves us, and is taking care of our every need. In the name of Jesus Christ, AMEN.

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