Interlagos, I lost count again

Interlagos has continued to be a challenge for us. But we've been working together with the sisters serving in Cidade Dutra, which has really lifted our spirits. We love them dearly, and hopefully this will be a sign of good things to come.

By way of update:
  • At the start of the transfer, President called me Sister Lion, and my companion Sister Tiger. We have matching mugs we got at Carrefour to remember it.
  • Creepy guys in the bar played Eye of the Tiger while we were walking in the street. We laughed all the way to our favorite less active member's house.
  • My companion wanted to take her stockings off today because it was hot, but was embarrassed by the pelo on her legs. What she wanted to say: cabelo (hair.) What she actually said: pelo (fur)
D'you like the mold on our wall? Seeeexy!

  • Doing exchanges with the others sisters in our zone, partway through the day we get a phone call. The new American with me was the one who answered the phone, and told me that her companion had fallen in the street and hit her head. After running to the other side of my area, we discovered that Sister Dacol was fine. MY companion had fallen on some sand, gashed her leg para caramba, and was sitting at a table eating ice cream. Next time, I'M answering the phone.
  • Finding yourself swearing to never let your trainee our of your sight again, and having to remind yourself that you aren't actually her mother. Until she calls you Mãe. Then you smile like an idiot for the rest of the day.
  • Large metal gate was painted yellow, with black rats running along the bottom. Over the rat hole, there was a painted sign that said Hotel do Rato (Rat Hotel.) 
My feet are wet. My feet are wet.
  • Going to the lanchonette with Sister Barboza; she returns with almost nothing on her plate. I have a solid mountain of beef, rice, beans, something that is probably organs, vegetables, and salad. "That's all you're going to eat?" I asked, because no matter how much she eats it's gonna be R$18 a plate. "Are you gonna eat ALL that?" I nodded and shoved more food in my mouth. "You let me know if you get hungry later."
  • "It's not you that's fat, you just have the Spirit of a fat person." Sister Barboza's explanation how I can eat like a man and never gain any weight.
  • Omni 1: 26 in English: offering your whole soul as an offering to him... V.S. Portuguese: uses the word dádiva, which means "gift"
  • Lesson on patience: Did you do everything you could with what you knew and what you had? Did God expect more of you? If you did your best and God is pleased, why are you upset? Just let it go. Give yourself permission to be patient.

I am, as ever, your humble servant and never deviating friend,
Sister Doyle

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